Graduating practice-ready chiropractors

Life West Preceptorship Program

Placing soon-to-graduate students in the offices of doctors eager to share their experience during the transition from student to professional.

How it works

Life West Preceptorships

– Graduating practice-ready chiropractors

Students can apply to complete their final quarter(s) in an offsite preceptorship with DC’s eager to mentor those near completion of their doctorate. DC’s can apply to host a senior student in their office – helping that student transition into the professional field of chiropractic care.


Start an Internship

Gain hands-on practice management and technique experience through an offsite preceptorship.


Become a preceptor

Gain experienced assistance while helping the next generation of chiropractors by hosting a preceptorship at your practice.

First Time here?

Get to know the program in detail

How does the program work? Who’s eligible?  What’s required for both students & DC applicants?

The Process

A Quick Look at What Comes Next

Step 1: Create an Account

Both student & DC applicants start by creating an account here at  This will give you access to the application and allow you to track your progress.

Step 2: Complete the Application

Both interns and DCs need to complete an extremely straight-forward application and upload their required documentation.  The application portal will show you where you are in the process.

Chiropractic student applying for internship through the Life West Preceptor Program
Approved preceptor application

Step 3: Get Approved to Participate

Once your application is submitted, our team will review it and let you know if there’s anything else that we need.

Step 4: Browse & Post Opportunities

Students:  Browse our directory of Host DCs, search for open internships or finalize a preceptorship with a DC you’re ready to work with.

DCs: Build a detailed profile of you and your practice, post open internships and hear directly from students interested in working with you.

Chiropractic internship search at Life West


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